lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2017

Lewd lab pet

First commission of this batch!
Here we are, looking how Lucia Alexa and her assistant Linh making a new experiment about bio-chemistry while their lab pet disturb around. Pets need love!

About this commission, here you can see what I’ve named as “Black & White painting”.  What is a B/W painting? Well, I thought on this option initially as the previous step for upgrading a B/W shading to a full color in the future, but I’ve discovered that I’m more comfortable with this style that current B/W shading. I’m trying new styles because I’d like to offer various options for commissions.

But definitely I like painting most than working on line art and then add simple shading, so hope you like this :)

-File data:
  • Style: Black & White Painting
  • Time taken: 23 hours
  • High Resolution size: 4500 px / 300 ppi


miércoles, 13 de septiembre de 2017

Commission Update :)

  • SLOT 1: 11V-17. Confirmed. Current in progress. Lucia Alexa
  • SLOT 2: 10V-17. Confirmed and sketched. Vianca glory-hole
  • SLOT 3: 12V-17. Confirmed and sketched. Demon Ell
  • SLOT 4: 13V-17. Reserved. Pending sketch. Futa Goddess
  • SLOT 5: 14V-17. Reserved. Pending sketch. Yuni
  • SLOT 6: 15V-17. Reserved. Pending sketch. Sera & Aurora

(“Confirmed” means paid slot. “Reserved” means taken but not paid yet)

sábado, 9 de septiembre de 2017

Commission Closed

Thanks a lot for each email I’ve received, the good wishes for the opening and the nice comments of how much you love my work. To be honest, it has meant a lot to me!

I’ve received so many awesome ideas, it has been a hard choice!! I’ve contacted by email those who have been selected but I’m awaiting a few confirmations yet. This is how it look right now:

  • SLOT 1: 11V-17. Confirmed and sketched. Current in progress.
  • SLOT 2: 10V-17. Confirmed and sketched.
  • SLOT 3: Reserved and sketched. 
  • SLOT 4: Reserved. Pending sketch. 
  • SLOT 5: Reserved. Pending sketch
  • SLOT 6: Reserved. Pending sketch

(“Confirmed” means paid slot. “Reserved” means taken but not paid yet)

For those of you who haven’t been selected, take in mind that I will open new slots once I will finish this round. Don’t worry if you didn’t get a slot for this batch, you will have more opportunities.

You can estimate that I’m about to open when you see that I’ve posted the fifth commission on my social medias because that will mean that there’s only one commission left to open again.

Take in mind that you can increase your possibilities if you fill the suggested breakdown when you send your commission application ;)

martes, 5 de septiembre de 2017


The price for Full color commissions cost at least $400 USD, but final price depends on the characters and level of detail / Price for detailed backgrounds and alternate versions will depend on the details requested, consult me!

The price for B/W shading commissions (character + simple background) is $150 USD / Price for a second character or price for color, consult me!

Commission now a B/W shading piece and upgrade it later on full color. Consult me for more info :)

Read more info please:

COMMISSION ROUND 1. Opening: 5th September 2017

OK, everybody gather around!! I'm opening 6 slots for commissions:

  • SLOT 1 
  • SLOT 2 
  • SLOT 3
  • SLOT 4
  • SLOT 5
  • SLOT 6

You can send your commission idea at:, adding "commission application" in the mail subject.

I will receive your ideas until I post an update of my neon sign saying "Commission closed".

I will contact by email those who have been selected, it may take me a day or two for valuing the ideas and contacting the selected ones.

Take in mind that I will open again once I will finish this round so don't worry if you don't get a slot now, you will have more opportunities.


I won't draw: Underage characters, loli, shota, guro, rape, scat, vore, incest, real life people, celebrities, preggo, bestiality or sexual acts with real animals, drugs, oviposition, facial expressions featuring panic / fear or pain, dakimakuras and Nintendo characters.


Copy and fill out the following breakdown summing up as much as possible:

  • Style. For example: Full color, Black/white shading or Black/white shading + color.
  • Main theme. For example orgy, bukkake, futanari, gloryhole, bdsm, etc.
  • Number of Characters.
  • Pose or action ideas.
  • Character description. For example: genre, age, body description, personality, outfit.
  • Background ideas.
  • Alternate versions description (if any).

Any visual reference you can provide will be helpful!


-Payments will be in full and in advance through online payment (Pay pal). 

Learn more about commission process, payments and my complete commission policies at TERMS OF SERVICE

Protein Drink, a BimboJoy product!

Do you imagine a better way to end the commission queue than returning to the origins?

Do you remember my awesome BimboJoy app in which with just installing an app and drinking a nanotech serum we can make all the body modifications we want? It's the game of the new era, being able of experiencing what we want and how we want!

It's more than the ultimate sexual fun, it also has practical applications. Hmm, for example what? How about waking up every morning and taking a good glass of Protein Drink, extracted from the best and most naughty cow-girls and cow-boys, cared and fed with the best to get that delicious taste that will drive you crazy of pure pleasure.
And of course, with the personal guarantee of the creator of this fabulous invention! I myself have gone through this amazing experience as you can see in the different versions ;)
What are you waiting for to taste it?!

Keep your eyes open today, it's the final countdown!

domingo, 3 de septiembre de 2017

Pony boy

Once upon a time, there was a knight who was sent to defeat a demon. He was noble and brave although the duty and the prejudices was all he had known during his life.

He went to hunt a demon, but he didn't expect the demon to be a beautiful succubus, and blah blah blah.

You know how's this: guy meets girl, girl is a succubus with long tail and horns so he thinks she's evil because he judges her for her appearance but then when they get closer, the noble knight is enthralled for her charms and they discover that they have lot in common, both always working, always killing monsters or scaring humans instead enjoying what they really love: the femdom.

The paladin is more than happy to surrender and get dominated for the naughty succubus. She binds him with magic chains and then they have the time of their lives, especially when she conjures a magic double-dildo and later a summoned futa cock to play with our hero's ass while she uses her tail to masturbate him. He moans with pleasure, cumming very hard while she claws the tender flesh of his spanked buttocks. 
She found herself a noble steed to mount and he love being her good pony boy. And they lived happily ever after.

I love love stories 💜

 And for closing, here's a little bonus: a gif for showing how the dildo appears magically!!

sábado, 19 de agosto de 2017

Glory of the 80s.

It's Saturday night and... Girls just wanna have fun!

Bambi and Synth are ready to conquer the night. Their favorite outfits, lovely earrings, lipstick... the hottest demon couple!

We follow the hypnotic swaying of their hips up to the new trendy place, the "Glory of the 80s" club. Yeah! This is amazing! The decoration, the neon lights, the colors, even the bartenders wear 80's themed outfits and move around on their roller-skates while our girls break the dance floor and it sounds Rick Astley.

After a lot of dancing and a few shots, some nice people invite our girls to join and playing the best game of their lives. Ready for the Glory Twister?

They enter to a fascinating room, comfortable, clean, and nicely scented, with holes on the walls, surrounded by beautiful neon lights. On the ground, a Twister roulette, with some changes. The holes on the walls are marked with the different colors of the roulette, the spinner spins and when it stops, it selects the color and which element to use (mouth, pussy, arse or hand). Suddenly some huge cocks stick out from the holes and the girls look each other, smiling. 

"Tonight's the night!"

They spend hours playing in this little room. Pussy at the red one, mouth at green, arse at blue, hand to yellow! Even these huge and juicy cocks seem exhausted!!

But, who wins? Obviously, the winner is the one who has collected more cum, so this is it girls! On your knees and suck these cocks!! Wow, it seems that there's a tie! Both have an amazing talent for sucking!! The ground, their bodies, faces and even their throats and mouths are filled with thick, sticky and delicious cum.

Hand heart and a selfie to commemorate this epic night!!

I hope you enjoyed this piece, I must admit that I love the result! :D
I have to tell that this commission was planned to be a birthday gift for Clumzor from Pantboy, but other commissions took me more than I expected and I couldn't deliver it on time. So, Happy (very, very) delayed Birthday Clumzor!!

Bambi is co-owned by Pantboy and Clumzor.
Synth is owned by Iahfy.