sábado, 24 de diciembre de 2016

Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas everyone!

I've got two important things to tell:

The first one, thanks to every commissioner, follower and supporter (rebloggs and comments are more important to me than you think). This piece is my way to say Thank you!! Thank you for your pervy ideas, for your inspiration, for your mischievous desires and fetishes. Thank you for appreciating and loving me and my art. I would lick and suck you all if I could haha :P So, hope you have a wet and dirty Christmas time! Nothing better for a cold night than wild sex under the Three haha, hope Santa won't catch us (and if he does, please that he will give me the biggest present!) haha

The second one, I've entered on the last 10 slots of a commissions's queue that seemed to not have an end. YAYYYYYY! If you don't understand why I am so excited, let me say that it means that in the New Year, finally, I'm going to be OPEN for new COMMISSIONS!! And I'm dying for hearing your ideas, I'm hungry for more and more. Keep watching, I've been working for make things easier for asking commissions and I will announce the opening soon. Save some money, I will come with surprises for the grand opening :D

lunes, 28 de noviembre de 2016


Hi everybody!
I'm going to be out in a trip. E-mails that would be received since today will be replied around mid December.
Sorry for the inconveniences :)

domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016

The truth is out there

It isn't a secret that I love futanari, science-fiction and having fun with character design, so when this commission with aliens finally reached the first place on the queue I was pretty excited.

And this is how I see the scene:
The space cruise Novaris has a new and very special guest. And as you can see, he's enjoying the ultimate alien experience, which includes: being abducted, sorry, I meant picked up on the place of election; stay in a comfortable contention area with spectacular views to the Milky Way, enjoying luxury treatments and experiments with alien genetics in the modern labs facilities and the the best of this experience; having the opportunity of sharing the adventure with the best companion, an enthusiast and sexy blonde futanari new friend. The "happy ending" is guaranteed!

It seems that FBI special agent Fox Mulder finally had an encounter with aliens. He always wanted to believe and now he has had his reward! This is really an X-file! Hahaha hope you enjoy it!

miércoles, 9 de noviembre de 2016

Vianca's Quickies nº1

Thanks to all messages I received yesterday during the "ask me" session, I got inspiration and I created this. What is "Vianca's quickies"? it's an idea, a fantasy, a kink, an erotic or funny situation I've lived or I'd like to experiment. 
I want this to be the first of lots of vignettes and hope you will enjoy them, starting with this one :D

Good quality solar cream is very important to me, I love caring my skin with the best ;)

lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

Enjoying Halloween!

Pumpkin cream baby!

Hope you’re having a great Halloween night, I’m enjoying at a great party, pics will be post tomorrow on my Tumblr… probably xD

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2016

Halloween time!

Been very busy lately, but I just wanted to post a little tease because we're entering the last days to Halloween!! It will be the greatest weekend, yay!! :D

miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

A naughty fantasy tale... with tentacles.

There was a legend that everybody had heard. On the ancient jungle of Jamnolawa inhabited a dangerous and wild sorceress who had powers to manipulate natural elements at her own convenience. The jungle was her domain and entering into it meant disappearing. The legend also told that defeating her would give access to amazing powers and treasures hidden on the jungle heart.

Tempted by the riches, the powers and desiring an adventure; a warrior and a witch formed an alliance. They thought that their combined skills would achieve that the sorceress surrender, so they advanced into the unknown. The heavy air, the humid and warm atmosphere started to shroud them.

The sorceress felt the invasion of her territory and immediately prepared herself to have fun. Every root and branch responded to her signal and created a natural labyrinth that lured the two heroines into a trap in the ruins of an old temple. Then, the sorceress captures them.

Divested of armor, protection talismans and clothing by conjured tentacles of slimy goo, the captives are into a viscous well, defeated by the sorceress power. They are constantly lead to orgasm by the same tentacles until they completely surrender to her new mistress.

Despite she seemed very strong, the black-haired warrioress reveals a secret weakness. Her breasts are extremely sensitive to being touched. She enjoys constantly intense orgasms when her breasts are kneaded by the gooey tentacles and she sink into a pleasure ocean.

The blonde witch was until her capture, a very reserved and self-controlled woman. She denied the sexuality of her own voluptuous body, in favor of her magical powers. The wise sorceress want to teach her that, concentrating on spell-casting is impossible, when your own sex-starved body betrays you.

Both feel transported by the powerful sensation that they're one with the nature while their delicious juices run down their legs in a last orgasm which flow into the climax.

What happened later to our heroines? Nobody knows, they never came back. A rumour tells that they joined the sorceress on a lustful existence that never end.