sábado, 22 de julio de 2017

Silk bindings.

Surprisingly to me, this commission has developed smoothly, and not because the protagonist is trapped haha. What I mean is that despite I've admitted before that I'm a little squeamish with spiders, the commissioner of this piece supported me a lot and agreed on including only the spider's legs and spinnerets and keep the rest of the body out of the scene. 
I'm very glad to know that he loved so much the result, his description about how he would experience this situation was so exceptional that I'm going to share a fragment. Hope you enjoy it as much as me!

"After getting tangled in the webs in the forest, I'm discovered by the spider that lives in that area. It has gotten my legs completely wrapped together as well as partially secured my arms in place, taking care of my limbs so that I can't run off or pull away. Of course, I can't help but have an erection at that point because of my fantasy and it hasn't really sunk in that I am now captured and being prepared.

I don't fight back at all as the spider works its silk out from its spinnerets and its legs start to guide the threads further around my body. That's when the cocoon starts to take further shape and more of my body is being swallowed up by the threads. It's even more obvious that I'm enjoying it given my shaft is now leaking steadily and at that point I'm starting to moan more. I see myself hanging there, the spider twirling me now and then while I watch the legs pull the silk over me, now beginning to wrap me up, and with each pass over my form, escape is becoming less and less likely. And that's when my mind starts to slowly acknowledge what's going on...I'm not in a fantasy or a dream...I'm really being cocooned alive by a giant spider.

The spider has taken its time, wrapping me tighter and thicker as the minutes roll by. Of course, I can't and do not want to do anything but just hang there while my captor works on me. At the point the third picture shows is when I think that the haze of arousal clears enough for me to really begin to understand what's happened. The whole time I've been silent and now unable to do little more than 'mmmmpppphhhhhh' against the silk now wrapped thickly over my mouth, preventing any loud cries from getting out. I wouldn't be ashamed to admit that the bondage and the feel of silk squeezing my penis and testicles would start getting me to ejaculate, and 'ringed' by the silk so that I can't go soft.

That's even more apparent when I take a look at myself and gasp when I see just how well the spider has tied me up. It's then that a shiver runs through my body and I again tense up and cum hard and long... I'm so heavily cocooned now. I can't tear out of the threads even if I wanted to, and the spider isn't stopping. I'd be letting out another moan at that and writhing as the legs move around me without hesitation or interest in what I'm doing... I'm really trapped, and I can't get out... "

sábado, 15 de julio de 2017

The Spider and her prey (version III)

Wow!! Things have gone really mad here, don't you think? This third piece plus an incredible version with cum fireworks are the perfect highlight for closing this amazing series. Hope you have enjoyed the process, it has been certainly one of the most creative commissions I've ever worked and it has meant a challenge due to the amount of detail on each character. Maybe it's too excessive for some people, but I've put a lot of love on this commission and I'm proud of each detail in which I've worked hard, so hope you enjoy with the end of the story and thanks for following me! Here goes the final chapter:

In penultimate conclusion of Juri's desires, our heroines have gone to the limit. The intensity of pleasure has driven their minds into the point of overload. Thanks to the effects of mutation, their bodies have now perfectly fused. All of the deepest, darkest inner desires have been brought forth as an extreme melody of sex, lust, and chaos. It is the final stage of conditioning.

Cammy is now a goo creature who expands her whole body to look for more and more pleasure. Every inch of her being melts and embrace this search of new ways to satisfy herself. Her braids for example, are a new tool she can use to dig onto her mates's holes, and which transmits her the sensations of the other girls's bodies, like a cable that connects her brain to the rush of arousal they all are feeling.

Chun Li has untied her inner passion as never before. She discovers herself being wild, wanting for more, claiming selfishly Juri's attention, noticing that she has became powerfully endowed and she loves it.

Viper's overload goes further than in the other girls. She fused with her own gear for producing fire and electricity attacks and this has caused an enhancement on her nerve system. Symbiote mutation brought her resistance and strength and an interesting power for having strong multiple orgasms. She keeps feeding her basic instincts, enjoying the pleasure of being filled by the other girls, pushing her holes to the limit with each pounding and noticing all those juices drenching around.

Suddenly, Cammy, Chun Li and Viper feel at the same time sort of a blackout in their minds. The silence takes the lab, broken only by the sound of the emergency alarm. And then, it happens.

Juri gasps. Her three cocks shake in an intense spasm that goes over inside the girls and fills them with the hottest sensation they ever felt. Each one of their holes starts gushing a thick and delicious cum, turning our heroines on beautiful waterfalls of cum, which soon floods Hydra's lab and facilities.

Juri is the truly winner here. She got everything she wanted and more: power, satisfying her lust, victory over her enemies. No one will be able to stop her now on.

lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

The Spider and her prey (version II)

This crazy scene is inspired on how chaotic Street Fighter matches can be. 
As part of the exposure with the chemicals and the interaction with Juri's body, the girls start experiencing mutations with different reactions on them. These changes are progressive, something that will extend in the third version, where we'll see the final stage of the mutations and of course, a juicy cum version!

Meanwhile, Juri keeps going deeper on her travel to lust and madness, her transformation isn't complete yet. Her arms are now fully transformed into a cobweb made of living tentacles, splitting to reach all the cavities and please Juri's demands.

What about our heroines? Their bodies are changing and an aura of corruption envelopes them, transforming their bodies towards the most perverted desires. Ways that they did not see the world before. Their eyes have a sparkle that shows that the transformation has reached their minds.

Cammy feels how her body turns soft and hot while Juri grows inside her. Her body melts around Juri's cock and feels incredibly fine. Cammy's eager for savoring Juri's cock, and she feels it pushing to reach her mouth, as if Juri could read her desires. She uses her powerful brand-new goo breasts to pump that cock while she opens her mouth, ready to lick. She's so excited that she barely notices that her nipples, clit and her braids are taking a new and lewd form.

Chun Li is changing too. Her repressed passion for Juri is unleashed now and turns her body into an aggressive animal, willing to surrender every inch of her to the pleasure she's enjoying with this huge creature. She caress Juri's face while she plays with her tongue and suck the juices dripping from Juri's meaty tongue. Her breasts and clit are growing, increasing her sensitivity. These sensations, the pleasure she's feeling being filled, makes her body open to Juri. One of Juri's tentacles start teasing Chun Li's ardent nipples and one of Cammy's braid seems to yearn for joining the party.

Viper is surrounded by tentacles that caress her boobs while they tempt her with the pheromones freed from their pink juices.
The chemicals set off an unexpected reaction on her body, giving it the resistance and elasticity of a superhuman, reaching every cell on her body. Her arse yields to Juri's massive cock and her body somehow starts mutating like a symbiote. Her nipples grows and lubricate for a future and intense penetration. Her eyes and hair are a sign that her mind is now overcome by desire.

Can this be more excessive? the answer is, yes of course! Keep watching for the final version!

jueves, 29 de junio de 2017

The Spider and her prey

Heya! Haven't posted anything in a while because I've been working non-stop in this amazing commission! What you see here is the main piece and it will have two highly detailed alternative versions. The second version is very close to be finished, and it will be full of craziness and excess! Let me introduce you the background story that the commissioner and I have created for this:

As if inevitable, the Marvel and Capcom worlds have merged once more. This time however, the merger appears to be connected to code name "Spider", aka Juri Han. It's been highly suspected that Juri has ties to the Illuminati, whom are known to have formed an alliance with Hydra in exchange for their technology. The alliance must be another step in her own twisted agenda.
There are reports that Juri subjected herself to an untold number of experiments; aiming to increase her power, ultimately feeding to her sadistic instincts. However, intelligence suggests that these experiments have resulted in some strange mutations and extreme corruption within her mind.

Following leads from the intel gathered, Crimson Viper infiltrated on Hydra's forces as double agent to discover the truth behind the rumored experiments. Unfortunately for Viper, it's a dangerous game to play within enemy lines, especially when curiosity goes too far... Now she has become the mad scientist, feeding the true madness that lurked within.

With no word since Viper's infiltration, uncertainty has befallen Shield. Leaving hope to their top agents, Shield has dispatched agents Cammy and Chun-Li to rescue Viper and complete the objective.

Chun-Li and Cammy infiltrate the facility, splitting their routes in order to avoid drawing attention of the enemy. They agree to meet near Hydra's labs, as marked by the intel they were provided for the mission.

Upon arriving at their agreed location, Chun-Li finds that Cammy has not arrived yet. A sense of worry envelops her, but she gathers her nerves and decides to sneak into Hydra's labs on her own. Perhaps Cammy decided to push on.

What she finds is something she never would forget. Cammy is captured by the enemy, and it's none other than Crimson Viper!

Just then, Chun-Li notices a large shadow covering the room. Suddenly, she is surrounded by... tentacles? Sounds of laughter echoed throughout the room, followed by vials filled with unknown substances falling, splattering the girls and the objects around them.

The truth finally uncovered: Cammy, Viper, and now Chun-Li are in plunged in the depths of madness, becoming part of the Spider's web. Their never-ending journey and descent into lust, pleasure, and corruption has only just begun. What was originally the enemy, is now a source of infinite desires for the girls.
Even Chun-Li, a beacon of hope and justice has surrendered to her hidden attractions to the madness... and especially, to Juri.

For Juri, the true mastermind, the fun has only begun. She savours every moment, as she pounds the girls relentlessly with her massive cocks. The constant moans of ultimate pleasure claiming for more only increases the lust and corruption that covers her mind and body.

The mix of body fluids, chemicals and the interaction with Juri's corrupted body starts to set off reactions from their bodies...

Keep watching for discover what will happen next!

miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

A night with Demon Ell

Lately I've had some stressing weeks, really! I need something that helps me to feel better. I close my eyes...

And suddenly, the room gets dark. A bright blue light from below starts sneaking through the floor slits... 
Somehow my wishes have summoned Demon Ell for a night of fun. My mind knows better than myself what my body needs.

I see Demon Ell walking towards me and in a second, I discover myself riding Demon Ell's horsecock pretty deep, moving relentlessly.

Unexpectedly, while she pleases my urges, I feel something changing in me. Oh my, I'm growing a cock!! 

It begins almost shyly, when I see my panties bulging out while a cock is emerging form me, seeing the shape of it through the fabric. It's very exciting... while Demon Ell continues  pounding my pussy with her magnificent cock, my own cock starts to get hard and soon it tears my panties, growing larger and thicker than before and cumming out all the excessive jizz Demon Ell is pumping in!

I take a minute to breath after a huge orgasm and then I notice... it's not just a cock, it's a horsecock, just like the one that Demon Ell has!! Immediately, I feel amazed and full of lust, I'm not fulfilled yet and that seems to satisfy my super guest. (wink wink)

Demon Ell's horsecock is pulled free and it sticks out between our legs, beautifully covered by my wetness... Then, her tail seem to come alive and quickly, it wraps around both cocks and starts jerking off hard, frotting both cocks together, my constant moans fill the room, and I'm really close to cum again... We're screaming together in pure ecstasy, the final orgasm is so close..

When I open my eyes, she's not here anymore. But the floor still smokes and I feel her smell in my skin. My body has recover its original form but my pussy is leaking yet...

Was it only a dream? I don't think so!

Demon Ell belongs to Superguest

viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017

A paradise for a Goddess

How is life for a Goddess like Mizuki Nagano? Full of luxury, excess, always enjoying her immortal existence.

Here you can see the Ever Growing Futanari Goddess delighting in a sublime place, a private paradise only accessible for her.
Mizuki and her guests have left the mansion to sail and enjoy the sun on her magnificent yacht. Of course, they have ended on the jacuzzi at the back of the yacht, enjoying the views and the good company. The beautiful guests aren't immune to the Goddess's charm, so they surround Mizuki's well endowed cock and balls to lick and worshipping with lewd intentions. 

Make sure to check the CUM VERSION, the jacuzzi will turn into a creamy milk bath for girls enjoyment.

Mizuki Nagano belongs to Mizuki N.

lunes, 6 de marzo de 2017

Vianca meets Meyumi Nuyasaka

What would ever happen if Mey Mey and me would bump into each other?
Maybe I'm guessing too much, but I bet the chemistry would be immediate. I'd show her the hotel key card and she would know what that implies... and action!

Mey Mey and I are on our way to the hotel room, but the situation gets hot and we can't wait to arrive to the bedroom. We both in a glass elevator, taking off the clothes wildly, having sex there, standing. First, face to face, kissing with passion while Mey has one arm wrapped around my raised leg, then she puts me against the glass and takes me from behind.
That's when I see the other glass elevator... it seems that our show has a few spectators!

Noticing that we're the protagonists in our own live show is too much for us, so I start feeling the delightful shakes of Mey's cock inside me, she's about to come. The spasms are more and more intense and I can't resist, I just cum feeling her heat inside me. Just in time, Mey Mey leaves my depths for giving our audience the last trick of the show, bursting with a thick cum stream and making a huge mess in all the elevator... it's a picture that our lovely voyeurs will remember during their whole life ;)

The elevator arrives to our floor... Time for a second round!

Mey Mey belongs to the amazing Amaterasu, thanks for this, I enjoyed so much!