miércoles, 19 de octubre de 2016

A naughty fantasy tale... with tentacles.

There was a legend that everybody had heard. On the ancient jungle of Jamnolawa inhabited a dangerous and wild sorceress who had powers to manipulate natural elements at her own convenience. The jungle was her domain and entering into it meant disappearing. The legend also told that defeating her would give access to amazing powers and treasures hidden on the jungle heart.

Tempted by the riches, the powers and desiring an adventure; a warrior and a witch formed an alliance. They thought that their combined skills would achieve that the sorceress surrender, so they advanced into the unknown. The heavy air, the humid and warm atmosphere started to shroud them.

The sorceress felt the invasion of her territory and immediately prepared herself to have fun. Every root and branch responded to her signal and created a natural labyrinth that lured the two heroines into a trap in the ruins of an old temple. Then, the sorceress captures them.

Divested of armor, protection talismans and clothing by conjured tentacles of slimy goo, the captives are into a viscous well, defeated by the sorceress power. They are constantly lead to orgasm by the same tentacles until they completely surrender to her new mistress.

Despite she seemed very strong, the black-haired warrioress reveals a secret weakness. Her breasts are extremely sensitive to being touched. She enjoys constantly intense orgasms when her breasts are kneaded by the gooey tentacles and she sink into a pleasure ocean.

The blonde witch was until her capture, a very reserved and self-controlled woman. She denied the sexuality of her own voluptuous body, in favor of her magical powers. The wise sorceress want to teach her that, concentrating on spell-casting is impossible, when your own sex-starved body betrays you.

Both feel transported by the powerful sensation that they're one with the nature while their delicious juices run down their legs in a last orgasm which flow into the climax.

What happened later to our heroines? Nobody knows, they never came back. A rumour tells that they joined the sorceress on a lustful existence that never end.

sábado, 8 de octubre de 2016

Birthday party

I worked this commission a few months ago, but there isn't a better occasion to post it because it's Dwina Nea's Birthday!
Happy birthday sweetie!! As we can see, someone already blew that candle, right?
Hurry and send love and wish a happy day on comments :D

Dwina Nea Moonfall belongs to xkamui 

sábado, 17 de septiembre de 2016

Black Cat awaken

I don't think I ever created something so delicate, sweet and sexy at the same time than this dakimakura. Black Cat is a very mischievous character, but I tried to show her tender side. If Spidey would see her... haha.

Hope you enjoy this piece, but also, there's a lot of fantasy to come! Keep watching, I'll post a scene about a night elf soon, I'm currently working a great scene with delicious orc-sorceress and some sexy aliens are waiting for me to coloring after that :P

miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016

VincentCC presents: Marina


Well, vacation came to an end a few weeks ago so here I go again!

yes, I took a break, but of course I didn't stop thinking about lewd ideas and drawing. Summer helped to charge my batteries and I returned home with new energies. Fresh ideas are the best, and these days I've used the inspiration for working on new commissions and you will enjoy them soon, but first let me introduce you my brand-new original character... Guys, this is Marina!

She came to life inspired by summer and I was planning to start a Patreon based on her. I'm not sure yet because there are two other ideas that I'd love to use... I don't know!! 
Anyway, hope you enjoy with the sexy Marina. As you can see she's very well-endowed! She has lived in my head till now, on a aquatic planet, far away on the space, surrounded by other lewd creatures that will make her live mischievous adventures... What do you think? Feedback is welcome 

lunes, 8 de agosto de 2016

"I can't wait to show you my toys"

Hi everybody!!

I haven't posted anything lately because I'm taking a summer break, yay!

Past year I couldn’t enjoy summer due to health issues and I was dying for have fun with friends, relax, go to the beach, swim, read a lot, gaming without interruptions, watching Suicide Squad on cinema, maybe fall in love with someone, eat tons of ice-cream, dance, sleep late and… charge batteries. I’m a girl with simple tastes haha.
This just has began but I've enjoyed in the beach, I've danced a lot, I've read a few new comics and yes, I've already watched Suicide Squad. And if you're wondering about if I liked the film or not, this scene is the answer. Hell yes. Especially because of Harley, she's really sexy! Yeah, I know there are always details that can be polished (I'm not really convinced with the Joker in this movie) but overall I had fun watching it. So, this is my way of doing a tribute for this explosive chick, hope you enjoy it!!

I’ll still be out for a few weeks, so if you send a mail, it’s probably that I won’t reply until I’ll be back to work, but I've found inspiration during holidays, so if you want to see my beach sketches and photos of my personal summer adventures, hurry up and follow me on Tumblr!

martes, 19 de julio de 2016

The curse of the Eye of Odin

How many of you likes Gargoyles? I loved it!!!

For those of you that don't know the series, the jewel that this beautiful woman has around her neck is a mystical object from the series, called the Eye of Odin. It has the power of bringing out a person's "true nature".

Knowing this, the commissioner asked himself, what would be the effect if it was Elisa Maza, the co-protagonist, the one who would wear the Eye of Odin? What would we see if the Eye would turn her into her "innermost self"? Well, when he contacted me, he had his own reply and he wanted to show it with a scene:

the result is that our favorite NYPD detective has turned into sort of an amazon, a strong warrior with toned muscles but bitchy, sexy and with reminiscences to Elisa's African-American and Native American mixed heritage.

The Eye has brought out her impulsive and non-conforming side, that side that hate respecting the law and being unable to kick ass of those she think they deserve it. For example Demona. I would kick her ass!

I wouldn't mind if she would take me and do whatever she wants with me :P


martes, 28 de junio de 2016


It's a random weeknight. Brock returns home and suddenly he thinks "I need feeding my gluttony with junk food".
He enters on Wonder, greasiest food chain around. Brock is looking at the holo-menus, thinking on trying the Barbecue Hive Bites, and he bumps into Brandi. 

Brandi is hungry too. And he finds his opportunity of having his own pet for once, even if they're in a public place. Brandi gets close to Brock's ear and caress it with the tip of his tongue. The offer is received with surprise and delight.

Brock is astonished but he loves showing off and seeing himself surrounded by voyeurs and holo-cellphones, so they don't care at all if they have audience. After all, both are slutty and passionate. Brock looks at Brandi and his smirk makes him melt. He can't help moaning louder and louder...

Poor order-bot. It has collapsed due to an incomprehensible order.

Delicious Brandi belongs to Masterchefguy
Lewd Brock belongs to Eight